PostX Essentials

PostX Essentials is the first level of our three levels of programming. It's content is focused on introducing Postdocs with little prior experience or knowledge to the world of I&E. At this first level, the material is largely asynchronous and fully accessible. The second stage turns to defined learning goals for launching technology-enabled ventures, empowering Postdocs with skills that can be universally applied, even beyond entrepreneurial endeavors. This stage leverages content on many essential topics, from managing IP to storytelling, opportunity recognition, and negotiation. The asynchronous content in both stages one and two eases scalability, accommodating participants’ needs while ensuring achievement of learning goals via interactive modules.

PostX Essentials Module #1: From Ideas to Impact: How to use I&E to Advance your Research

PostX Essentials Module #2: Why Compelling Stories Matter: Storytelling and Postdocs

PostX Essentials Module #3: Dual-use Venture Opportunities

PostX Essentials Module #4: How to Approach Intellectual Property

PostX Essentials Module #5: Constructing a Founding Team for your Startup