UC Berkeley has always been a prolific source of innovation. PostX is a critical part of its entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Helping our technology leaders grow companies

Your ideas and capabilities

Berkeley Postdocs the best-in-class researchers from all around the world. You have the skills and knowledge to see things differently, to drive your fields forward. Business may not yet be in your toolkit but you know it should be and PostX will get your capabilities there quickly.

Strong partners

We are collaborators with the rest of the ecosystem at Berkeley. From Skydeck to BPEP to I-Corps we respect what they do and contribute to their success. We also have external parties working with us including the National Security Innovation Network and the National Security Academic Accelerator. We are looking to grow our partner list.

The best programmatic approach

Our team has decades of experience in innovation and entrepreneurship and its teaching. We have selected and curated a set of courses, activities and experiences that get you up the learning curve as fast as possible.

Building careers

Universities are primary player in the global innovation economy. Increasingly, tenure track positions at universities are recognizing a candidate’s entrepreneurial activities as part of their career portfolio. Entrepreneurial skills are becoming more and more important in the research world also driven by relevancy of research to the commercial world.

Unlocking the funds to help you along the way

To speed you along your way, we have developed a set of funds that are available to you. They are success biased - with more funding available as you progress through the activities.

A super team

We are a small group led by Rich Lyons, the Chief Innovation and Entrepreneurship Officer at UC Berkeley. The team includes Errol Arkilic, David Charron, Yvette Lane-Newton, Naresh Sunkara, and Rhonda Shrader.

PostX Has Three Levels